Why is testing cannabis potency important?

Potency testing in cannabis, hemp, and cannabinoid products is required across regulated markets. Regulators worldwide insist on accurate potency values being listed on cannabis product labels.

Confidence and Trust

Consumers seek confidence that the cannabis they consume is safe and they will experience the desired effect. They also want to be certain that they are getting what they paid for.

Knowledge of the amounts of THC and CBD found in a cannabis preparation is critical for ensuring the above. Therefore, accurate product labels are a must.


Dried vs. Active State

In its natural state, cannabis has a low level of active cannabinoids. Dried cannabis will have a low level of active cannabinoids because it has not been heated yet.

Be Informed

The consumer is best informed about a cannabis product’s potency by knowing the “Total THC” or “Total CBD” values. These refer to the estimated levels of active cannabinoids in the cannabis after it has been prepared for consumption by heating through vaping, smoking, or cooking.

Product Price

Cannabis potency influences the product’s price. In some markets, a 1 percent change in THC can result in about a 10 percent fluctuation in price. Therefore, supply chain stakeholders are sensitive to potency levels for profitable business decision-making.